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EcoQubeC Aquarium - Desktop Betta Fish Tank For Living Office And Home Dcor

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EcoQube + Wireless Remote (No Accessories)

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Size:EcoQube + Wireless Remote (No Accessories) The EcoQube C is the lowest maintenance desktop aquarium currently available. This small fish tank uses a Basil plant as part of the aquaponics filter to purify aquarium water. With this, you never have to change the filters or the aquarium water. Simply feed the fish 3-6x/week and top off with water 1-2x/month. We recommend you to never change the aquarium water. This is a handmade, flame polished, small aquarium kit with filter and light included! Aquarium decor and other accessories will not be included in this package. NOTE: Decorations inside the aquarium are not included unless otherwise specified. As with ANY aquarium, we recommend waiting 1-3 weeks for water to age and allow beneficial bacteria to grow as this is the most humane method of introducing a fish into an aquarium. From the Manufacturer Low Maintenance. Natural. Beautiful. The EcoQube C is a beautiful, low maintenance aquarium that uses aquaponics to filter water. This means less hassle for you, and less stress for any fish you wish to keep. Customisable. Educational. Bring your surroundings into your home, without the mess of course. Each EcoQube comes equipped with fully customisable LED lights, and special presets. Fix your diurnal rhythm and give your body clock a boost, and bring a little bit of nature into your space while you're at it. NATURAL Aquarium Filter Using aquaponics, the EcoCube C silently filters the water with the plant you've grown, making sure that you never have to change your filter again. Crystal Clear Water The clear acrylic panels of the EcoQube C make its contents crystal-clear from the outside, making it the perfect centrepiece for your space. SUPER Easy to Use Easy to setup, easy to maintain. It's the perfect gift for a loved one, and would make any nature-lover happy no matter their lifestyle or how green their fingers are. Connect to Nature We created the EcoQube, a desktop ecosystem that uses basil to filter water, to showcase firsthand the practical solution and beauty of aquaponics. We want to start a movement to use the same concept of sustainable agriculture to feed the world! We know that we can’t solve the many problems on our planet with an aquarium, no matter how beautiful it is, but we hope to connect people to our environment and influence the way they perceive the larger issues in our world today. To reconnect people with our environment. We see that our world is facing some serious issues in terms of food and water shortages, and we want to be a part of the change for the better. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Lowest Maintenance Aquarium How did you come up with the idea for this product? We're a team of aquarium enthusiasts and have been our entire lives. While doing research at the largest aquaponics farm in the nation, we learned we could use basil to filter the fish waste. With the same method, aquaponics uses 90% less water grows food 2x as fast in 1/2 the space with no pesticides or fertilizers. We spent years to perfectly implement aquaponics into an aquarium creating the ecoqube, the lowest maintenance aquarium ever. What makes your product special? The Aquaponics system makes owning a fish easier than a conventional fish tank. The fish's waste is used by the basil plant to grow and elminates the need for a water change. A few fish, some shrimp and a snail or two will give you the perfect balance for a low maintenance ecosystem. What has been the best part of your startup experience? Through creating the EcoQube, we've been able to introduce the concept of sustainability to hundreds of thousands of people and helped nearly 10,000 people bring nature into their homes. Now we have a team dedicated to helping all our customers succeed with creating their very own window to nature with the EcoQube


  • Low maintenance aquaponics techn makes your betta fish tank a clean self-sustained ecosystem
  • 1 year warranty we've got your back, if anything breaks contact us & we'll replace it for free
  • Aquarium starter kit includes: Remote for led lights, plant medium, integrated aquaponics filter
  • Easy setup add seeds or green onion, add water, plug in & watch your shrimp or fish tank thrive

Product Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 9 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.95 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 5.95 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Aqua Design Innovations
  • Item model number: 1001b
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